Companies and other Non-profits

Our Mission is to partner with churches, companies and civic-minded non-profits to provide families and individuals with affordable food and to make a difference in your community, one food box at a time.

The family food budget is one of the largest costs in a household. Our food boxes offer a unique solution to cutting household costs without sacrificing food quality.

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The Food

Our high quality menu varies from month to month with a diverse range of food and meals. You may purchase as many units as you would like – be it one or ten – so the program can be tailored to your needs.

The Smart Box is one of our offerings (pictured below) and is intended to feed a family of four for about a week.

Our average food savings is between 40% and 60% of average grocery costs!

For our Smart Choice Food Source $42 Smart Box:

Smart Choice Food Source $42.00
Kroger $88.80
Walmart $77.62
Safeway $71.19

*These figures were based on sampling done in Indiana, April, 2016

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How it Works

1. Each month a new menu is published online and given to partner host sites itemizing each box available for purchase.

2. Order with payment is made online or at the local host site by the designated monthly deadline.

3. Box orders are then delivered to the local host site for distribution to its customers on a designated day each month called distribution day. This occurs on one Friday night or Saturday morning each month.

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Recipient Eligibility:

Everyone is eligible. Smart Choice Food Source affords families the opportunity to significantly reduce their grocery costs by purchasing restaurant quality food in bulk. Anyone can participate because there are no qualifications.

What we like to say is "if you eat, you qualify!"

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Host Site Eligibility:

As we establish the program in your community, we will be looking for partners who want to share the value and benefit of our program. Please contact us at (877) 409-3663 or if you would like more information.

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More Info

For more information download our Info Packet.

If you would like to speak with us please visit our Contact Page.

Smart Choice Food Source
13501 Flatland Trail, Derby, KS 67037
(877) 409-3663

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